Patrick Mojo can only be desribed using sign language.

His vocals have often been compared to a mixture of
Jason Donovan, Jim Donovan and DeeAnn Donovan.

His lyrics range from the sublime to the perverted to the down right illegal.

DJ Lenny worked for 6 years on the firey Wheels of Steel in the famous Kremlin night club in Belfast.

A regular club goer himself he brings a feminine touch to the band's music.

He often  describes his guitar as made of wooden woody stuff, and wishes he was more like me, Martin Canavan.
Scvotto Turellski hails from the small russian town of Pechory, near the Estonian border 53 kilometers from Pskov.

His major musical influences are Smumcher Rezitol (the famous Estonian electronica wizard and Eurovision runnerup) and the Kevin McKeown & David Priestley Folk Duet (they're big in Russia).

He is currently seeking a rich Irish woman to fulfill his visa requirements.
Davey Drums.

No one knows his second name, but he's the best, and definitely the most attractive in the band (I think so anyway).