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Smumcher returns to critical acclaim!
The much loved, often copied, and regularily shunned musical genious Smumcher Rezitol has returned with a new album which dazzles and amazes.
Gone is his now infamous dance style which vibrated through the med to such open praise.
Smumcher has now moved onto a more ambient part of his life, and this is reflected in his music. This new album sees his collaborating with a wide variety of artists who lend their skills to Smumcher, in order to attain his highly sought after groove.
Notable among these are David "Tosser" Priestley, bass player for the avantgarde jazz band "Fromage Richard Heads", Kevin "Concrete" McKeown, who paid his dues in the heavy metal combo "Dominator" as their axe man, and Scott "Can't Sing" Turley who was the singer/guitarist of the fabled band Spudgun.
Smumcher brings these diverse artists together in a way only he can, with swirling rotary organs, swooshing synthesizers, pounding drums, and screaming theremins.
This album also sees Smumcher finally recording some of the covers his live acts were so famous for. Captain Beefheart, The Who, and the Pixies all get the Rezitol makeover.
I advise everyone to get this album, as it bloody rocks!
Noel "Fucking Metaphors" Gardner.