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Hi I'm Robbin Barret and I'm a racist motherfucker!
Well, my life mainly involves being racist, and then anoying other english people like me, calling them wankers and starting fights, all while pretending to be welsh.
Pretty cool, aren't I!
Well, one day someone told me there were loads of ethnic minorities living in America, so I went and bought a ticket straight away. One of my friends gave me a map he said he'd bought from a travel agent, and only charged me 20 for it! What a great guy Scott is. Anyway, I'm going to go all across america insulting racial minorities and Americans, as I'm a big lanky fascist prick.
Welsh Power! Save the Miners! I like sheep!
This is my map of america. I plan to follow the "wankers trail" from Boston to San Diego. Included in my hit list are all the usual ethnics I'm well known to insult, plus some others that are unique to america. For example white rappers, people with moustaches, hippies, ethnic policemen, ethical policemen, Democrats, artists, anyone who says dude, and bloody Paddies.
I shall also be paying a visit to ground zero to comemorate all those killed by my arch enemy, and member of an ethnic minority, Osama Bin Liner.
Anyway, I'll be updating this site with pictures of my escapades as soon as I take some.
It's not my fault your culture's different to mine!
News Update! I've now added women to the ethnis minorities I hate.
Yes, I like to beat them, then cry about it afterwards under a bush.
I'm a happy boy.