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We decided to further out experimentation in the field of human electronic hybreds.
To this end we aquired a normal human male, typical of the species.
We then pondered why we wanted to do this?
The answer was obvious. FUN!
Dumb ass humans.
A typical human male.
Retard or Astroretard?
Initial results were dissapointing.
We managed to integrate an advanced sound processing unit with an audio detection and transmission system. This worked flawlwessly until we tried to integrate it with the human. Whoever designed these damn things wasn't thinking of the future! Upgradability man!
So we decided to just stick the thing on to the humans head.
We then decided it was high time these humans started communicating in more modern ways. Hence the LAN interface we decided to add.
The human, as you can plainly see, seemed to enjoy the experience.

Someone then told us that human males can procreate faster if they have a silver tongue. This human appeared to have a pinkish flehy tongue, so we upgraded him to the silver type.
Installing new software and drivers was a breeze. We installed a CD reader in the humans HIU (head interface unit), and here you can see it installing the latest version Unreal Tournament.
Connectivity was proving to be problematic. We decided it was high time someone built a phone into human beings. This was a great idea, but it limited his area of movement, due to the phone cable.
Never fear, alien technology is here!
We decided to integrate one of our own "cellular communication mobile emmiters" which could, theoretically, be used to access human phone networks. This actually worked well, so we decided to add another one.
Since both these have LCD's it is possible to see what your human ia thinking! Admittedly, most of the time they remain blank, for obvious reasons.
We were quite happy with out cybernetic achievements, and plan to do the same to the rest of the human population of earth.

Cheerful aren't we! That's it for this paper.
Ruck Bodgers, GNVQ NFL Tit DIpSHit.