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We set about to see what happens when you give an idiot a web cam, and 500's worth of adobe software?
The results were dissapointing.
Unfortunately the monkey... sorry idiot, errr... i mean test subject showed a complete lack of respect for the software. I mean, sheesh, 500 is a lot of money! You'd think he could come up with a few moning lisas or cut his ears off, but no!
The webcam too has suffered nothing but abuse, and been forced to view the mundanity of his life.
Anyway, I think the results speak for themselves. It doesn't matter how great your equipment is, if you let a monkey use it, he'll screw it up within an hour.
The latest thing our monkey has decided to do is make fake pictures of the Loch Ness monster.
How dumb is that! This stuff is for serious professionals not two a penny losers!
Get a job and do some real work!

Ruck Bodgers, GNVQ NFL Tit DIpSHit.
What's the difference between these two pics?
500's worth of software filtering! God bless affordable technology!!!!!