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Hello, and welcome to my latest website, dedicated to my own "dare devil feats", of shoving things up my nose when I'm highly inebriated.
I know, I can hear you all say how brave I am, and "surely that must cause brain damage", but it ain't harmed me and I encourage you all to try it!!!
I dont know when I started this hobbie.....actually I do, it was five minutes ago when I had the idea for this website.....SEE THE RESULTS:
Links tO aMAZING FeAtS!

Like a rhinestone cowboy!!
Shoving stuff up his nose without the need for a blow.
News Flash: Robin Barrett is a bastard.
Rob stole all my copies of the exam past papers saying "sure you never use past papers". Of course I don't you prick, I'm not a fag boy like you. I do my work in the days before the exams, but can't now because you stole my papers you selfish, spoilt brat. I would like everyone who agrees with me on this to phone up Rob (or send him a text message) and call him a bastard. His mobile (cellular) phone number is:
UK (+44 I think) 07855862868. I suggest using the lycos SMS service to message him!
Thanks all!